“The opportunities that I’ve encountered here have been amazing, there are no other words to describe it besides amazing because I would not have these opportunities anywhere else.  It’s very immersive and if you’re looking to gain knowledge that you aren’t going to get anywhere else you should definitely enroll to it next year.”

Bianca Anchodo

“I’ve loved being able to be with a lot of like minded individuals who are very enthusiastic about the NBA, but a larger part of it has been the networking opportunities that have been presented to us; whether it’s been a scouting and analytics professional teaching us the growth of analytics and its place in sports now, an NBA GM or Assistant GM, or a scouting director that I’ve gotten the opportunity to pick their brain and find out more about what goes into being an NBA scout and working for an NBA franchise.”

Edwin Blebu

“Giving us the opportunity and chance to be in front of top executives that are in the industry, specifically the NBA, it’s been amazing, a great experience thus far and I look forward to making some great relationships and continuing to build on them in the next weeks and years and so on.  It’s a great chance to meet executives within the sports industry especially pertaining to the NBA, great speakers that can tell you first hand how to get into the business and how they got in the business.”

William Jones

“It’s a great opportunity to learn from the minds that you admire and read about all the time. There’s no better place in the world they could be doing this right now.  They wanted us to sit in these classrooms and then go upstairs and there’s six scouts surrounding us and willing to talk to us and people are friendly, probably because its Vegas and everybody is happy in general. The setting is unreal, you walk up and see the top ten draft picks and you’re sitting with, rubbing elbows with GM’s of the teams that picked them, it’s unreal.”

Saagar Sarin