Students who are accepted into this program will get an immersive, inside look into the world of sports and the intricacies of the business of basketball, conducted in an ideal setting – the Las Vegas Summer League.

Sports Business Classroom is organized like a college. All students get a little bit of everything in the “GE” sections, and also choose one of two majors for in-depth learning:

  • League Salary Cap
  • Scouting, Video and Analytics


The Sports Business Classroom is a revolutionary entity dedicated to preparing future sports business professionals.  This is a one-of-a-kind learning opportunity for those interested in the business of basketball and potential jobs in sports. SBC combines the best of all worlds into a single package – great academics, hands-on experience, immersion in the Las Vegas Summer League, and interaction with some of the best minds working in and around the NBA.

Led by salary cap expert Larry Coon, Sports Business Classroom’s innovative educational programs give both aspiring and seasoned basketball professionals from around the world the opportunity to learn from top sports professionals in a one-of-a-kind environment.  The Business of Basketball Program at the Las Vegas Summer League provides an immersive, inside look into the world of sports and the intricacies of the business of basketball, in an ideal setting for learning the material. The executive session, available to league/team personnel, agents, and accredited media, provides an intensive deep dive into the league salary cap.



Sports Business Classroom takes place on July 7-13 in Las Vegas, NV on the campus of UNLV


  • Individuals who want to pursue their dream of working in sports
  • Students and recent graduates who are looking for an opportunity in sports & want to prove they have what it takes
  • Current sports industry professionals who want to expand upon their existing skillset
  • Individuals who have a passion for learning & growth
  • People with careers in other areas who are contemplating a career change to work in sports


Sports Business Classroom provides the best of all worlds – a rich learning environment, direct access to top industry executives, and immersion in the best setting imaginable – the Las Vegas Summer League. Opportunities for Sports Business Classroom students include:

  • Learn from the best in the business, in areas where job opportunities exist
  • Obtain credential access to seven (7) days of the Las Vegas Summer League and exclusive events not open to the public
  • Direct access to and networking with league executives and personnel
  • The top performers from Sports Business Classroom will be offered the opportunity to work with the program at the following Las Vegas Summer League
  • Hands-on experience in areas such as scouting, video, broadcasting and social media






“The Sports Business Class came highly recommended, but it exceeded all of my expectations.

It was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to be fully emerged in the game itself, while also interacting with decision-makers at every level of the NBA.

I learned so much from the instructors, speakers, and my peers. If you love the game of basketball, there is no better place to spend a week.”

- Virginia Woodfork

“The collaborative environment of the Sports Business Classroom and the opportunity to learn from top professionals in the industry have helped prepare me for a career in basketball media.

After my first year at SBC, my classmates and I decided to create an NBA podcast focused on potential transactions and the Collective Bargaining Agreement; working with them on the Bench Mob over the last two years has been rewarding and a practical application of the SBC curriculum.”

- Charlie Goldsmith
“The Sports Business Classroom has been the experience of a lifetime. The amount of insight I’ve gained, the networking, the contacts, and just the really fantastic people that we’ve had an opportunity to hear from, meet, and learn from has been indescribable.

Anyone interested in getting a position in a front office with an NBA team should come to this program.

It’s been incredible. It’s impossible to beat this.”

- Dave DuFour | Tucson, AZ

“The schedule is packed with opportunities to learn from innovators throughout multiple fields in the basketball industry; it’s a chance to demonstrate to yourself and prospective employers your commitment to your passion for basketball.

Most importantly, it is a chance to embed yourself within a group of hoops-minded students and form long-lasting relationships that extend beyond the professional realm.”

- Connor Williamson

“From the curriculum to the access that you get, to meeting all these NBA personnel to just the overall atmosphere here, it’s a natural high.

The highlight of the week was meeting Commissioner Adam Silver. We met Adrian Wojnarowski, and then we met some of the coaches like Rick Carlisle and Mike D’Antoni.

It has been amazing to get their perspective on breaking into the league.

So if you love basketball this is the place to be.”

- Amit Barot

“This program gave me a chance to learn from and network with people who work in and around the NBA.

You get great behind the scenes stories and perspectives from front office personnel that you really won’t get anywhere else.

The people involved in Sports Business Classroom have gone above and beyond in helping me grow professionally even after the program was over.”

- Liam Doyle

“The speakers at Sports Business Classroom were unbelievable, the best people in every industry.

Just being around people that I’ve watched on TV watch from afar and admired is something that’s been invaluable and I’ll remember for a long time.

You’re just put in a room with 65 other people that are just as passionate about basketball as you are.”

- Connor Weingarten

“As someone who’s followed NBA player movement and the NBA’s labor negotiations for most of my life, I was in basketball nerd heaven while learning about the CBA/salary cap from Larry Coon, Eric Pincus and Nate Duncan and taking notes on their lectures side-by-side with current assistant GMs and other high level player personnel staff for NBA teams.

I was able to learn from and engage with some of the top minds around the game, but the atmosphere was never overly formal or stuffy.”

- Calida Taylor

“I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of SBC since it’s inception.

It’s an amazing opportunity for people to get great first-hand experience in basketball, learn from some of the top people in their fields and just soak in being in being around all of the basketball activities in Vegas.

When I look for hard-working individuals who want to work in basketball and go the extra mile in doing so, SBC is the perfect place to find that.”

- Dennis Rogers