For our second episode, we sat down with Director of Communications of the Los Angeles Clippers Dennis Rogers!

In this episode, we will talk about:

  • Dennis’s rise from graduate basketball assistant at Mississippi State to Director of Communications of the Los Angeles Clippers
  • The importance to do whatever it takes to work in sports
  • The many roles Dennis has encompassed in basketball
  • Dennis’s day to day lifestyle with the Clippers

Dennis is currently the Director of Communications of the Los Angeles Clippers. He also worked with the Clippers’ digital media team as Digital Media Director. Prior to that he served as the Director of Communications with the New Orleans Hornets from 2003-2012. He has also been assisting with the NBA Summer League since its inception in 2003 as a Communications and Digital Media Specialist.

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Listen to this podcast episode on:


  • Dennis on growing up and sports being an instrumental part of his life (1:52)
  • Why Dennis decided to go to college at SMU (4:10)
  • Did Dennis know he wanted to work at sports when he was in college? (4:57)
  • Dennis on going to Regents University in London after attending SMU (7:17)
  • Dennis getting the opportunity to be a graduate assistant basketball coach at Mississippi St. after not interning at all in college (9:22)
  • Was coaching ever a possible career path for Dennis? (12:18)
  • Dennis interning for the Dallas Cowboys (13:33)
  • The importance of getting out of your comfort zone and sacrificing to work in sports (17:26)
  • Dennis getting an internship with the New Orleans Hornets after mailing out resumes (18:50)
  • The process of Dennis mailing every single sports team’s PR department (21:28)
  • Sergio on the theme in sports of doing whatever it takes (22:52)
  • How did Dennis go from being an intern to being the PR director at 29 years old with the New Orleans Hornets? (23:55)
  • Some of the highlights for Dennis as PR director (28:17)
  • Dennis getting a new job with the Clippers after being rejected by them before (31:00)
  • Why Dennis turned down a job offer in the MLB (32:40)
  • The difference in Dennis when he applied with the Clippers for the second time (33:40)
  • For sports business, is there a benefit to moving to a city such as Los Angeles that is rich in sports? (35:10)
  • How Dennis’s role with the Clippers was similar to his role with the Hornets (36:50)
  • Dennis on turning around the Clippers’ digital team as a Digital Media Director (37:18)
  • Dennis’s current role with the Clippers and his favorite part (39:28)
  • What Dennis has learned from Doc Rivers (41:11)
  • Dennis on working with Jerry West (42:10)
  • Dennis’s love for NBA Summer League and working the event since its inception (45:20)
  • The role of relationships in sports (50:30)
  • What Dennis looks for when hiring potential candidates (52:27)
  • What is one thing everyone who wants to work in the NBA should know? (55:09)
  • When Dennis thinks of the word “successful” who comes to mind? (56:27)
  • Dennis’s top 3 NBA cities (57:42)
  • Where is Dennis’s all time favorite travel spot? (58:32)
  • What advice would you give to sports business industry hopefuls? (59:32)