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Who can attend Sports Business Classroom? Is it for students only?2019-02-19T18:35:43+00:00

Sports Business Classroom is geared towards a variety of individuals: College students, college graduates and people who have been out of college for a few years and want to work in this business, but don’t know how to make the transition.

There are two SBC programs, each with its own acceptance criteria:

  • The Business of Basketball Program is open to anyone, but admission is competitive. Applicants are evaluated relative to their merit and fit for the program, and admission is not guaranteed.
  • The Executive Session is open to team and league employees, agents and agency employees, accredited members of the media, and other industry professionals only.
Is Sports Business Classroom like a fantasy camp? Can I just show up and schmooze with NBA bigwigs?2019-02-20T15:24:51+00:00

Sports Business Classroom does provide insider access to the Las Vegas Summer League, networking opportunities with NBA coaches, front office executives and other industry personnel, and even access to the famous “schmooze pit,” but it is definitely NOT a fantasy camp. You will be immersed in an intensive curriculum designed to develop skills in many areas relative to industry professionals. You should come ready and prepared to work and learn.

For more information on the schmooze pit click here: The NBA’s version of a crowded bar: Inside the Las Vegas schmooze pit

Does Admission to the Business of Basketball Program Guarantee Me a Job in the NBA?2019-02-19T20:10:56+00:00

Admission to any Sports Business Classroom program in no way guarantees a job in the NBA.

How are Classes Structured at Sports Business Classroom?2019-02-20T15:24:53+00:00

Content is delivered in various formats in order to maximize learning opportunities, effectively deliver a wide variety of content, and provide students with direct access to some of the best minds in the business.

The 2019 Sports Business Classroom content formats are:

  • Lectures: One-hour, instructor-led GE sessions. Each topic has multiple lecture sections – e.g: 101, 201.
  • Roundtables: One-hour moderator-led panel discussions with industry experts.
  • Practicums: Hands-on team exercises in specific topics, including the salary cap and analytics.
  • Deep Dives: Here’s where you really get into your chosen major. SBC will provide three deep dive sessions that are three hours each. The content and format will vary by major:
    • League Salary Cap: Larry Coon’s extensive lecture series on the NBA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement. This is based on the same content he has taught directly to NBA teams. You will be learning elbow-to-elbow with industry personnel who are taking this series as the Executive Session.
    • Scouting, Video and Analytics: Immersive activities such as working in small groups directly with scouts and video personnel as they take you through their work processes as part of the NBA Summer League, or working with analytics experts to analyze data and develop new metrics.
  • Guest Speakers: Grab lunch and sit back while a featured guest talks about his or her personal experience and what it takes to succeed in this business. Past speakers have included Wizards head coach Scott Brooks, Rockets head coach Mike D’Antoni, Raptors GM Masai Ujiri, Spurs GM R.C. Buford, Blazers GM Neil Olshey, and play-by-play broadcaster Mike Breen.
Are there scholarships or other discounts available for applicants?2019-02-11T22:52:26+00:00

A number of hotel options are available which lower the cost of the program.

No other discounts or scholarships are available at this time. The Adam Cave Memorial Scholarship was for 2017 only.

What is the Sports Business Classroom Code of Conduct?2019-02-19T20:16:53+00:00

The following code of conduct applies to all Sports Business Classroom programs:

Sports Business Classroom strives to create an educational environment in which all participants feel safe and welcome. We encourage open and spirited discussion in a collegial atmosphere so that everyone can enjoy an optimal educational and intellectual experience. We expect all participants to refrain from speech or behavior that is disruptive, threatening, endangering, harassing or illegal, or speech that is racist, sexist or similarly offensive. We reserve the right to take whatever measures deemed, at the sole discretion of Sports Business Classroom management, necessary and appropriate to enforce this Code of Conduct, including revoking a student’s enrollment in Sports Business Classroom without a refund.

How long will it take to find out if I was accepted into the program?2019-02-19T20:19:20+00:00

All applications are reviewed in a timely manner, and generally applicants will receive a response within seven days indicating one of the following:

  • They are admitted into the program, in the major of their choice.
  • They are admitted into the program, however their chosen major is full. They may choose to be admitted immediately in another major, or go on the wait list for the major of their choice.
  • Their application is in a pending state, until SBC receives additional required information.
  • Their application is in a pending state, and will be re-evaluated at a later date.
  • Their application is respectfully declined.
How many students are admitted to the program?2019-02-20T15:24:52+00:00

While there is no set maximum number of students for the Business of Basketball program, we may limit enrollment to avoid compromising the in-person experience for attendees, including hands-on work and networking opportunities with speakers and guests.

In addition, hotel accommodations are limited, and we may reach the point where new enrollments are offered only with the “No Hotel” option.

Do majors fill up? If I am accepted into the program, am I able to get the major of my choice?2019-02-19T20:23:06+00:00

If you are admitted into a specific major, you are guaranteed to be in that major during the program. However enrollment in some majors is limited, and we may stop admitting students into those majors prior to the close of registration. Students may then choose to be admitted in an alternative major, or be put on the wait list for the major that is their first choice. For this reason it is important to register early if you are sure you want to enroll in a specific major.

Our ability to accommodate changes of major is very limited once majors fill up and enrollment closes. Students can only change to a major in which there is room. If a major is filled, then we can only consider changing to that major if another student drops out our changes out of that major. When this happens, we give first priority to students who are on the wait list for that major.

Can I change my major, once I have chosen one?2019-02-19T20:24:31+00:00

Maybe, but any request to change majors is subject to space limitations since individual majors can fill up. If you would like to change majors before the program starts, please email us at as soon as possible to discuss. If you would like to change majors after the program has started, please discuss with the SBC General Manager. While we will do our best to accommodate your needs, all requests to change majors are subject to approval by SBC.

Can I apply for more than one major?2018-01-22T23:24:25+00:00

No, you can apply to one major only, but you will receive exposure to content from all majors in the GE sections and practicums.

Are you still offering the Social Media, Branding and Broadcasting major?2019-02-19T20:27:09+00:00

We revise our program content every year in order to provide the best possible learning experience for our students. Some topics are provided as majors, allowing students to specialize in these areas if they choose to do so. Other topics are taught as GE to all students, and are infused throughout the program. This year we are teaching social media, branding and broadcasting as GE only. We still will deliver content in these areas, and students will receive a hands-on experience. But most importantly, it lets us emphasize that these topics are important to everyone, and not just the few who choose to go into this area.

What is the cost for the Business of Basketball program?2019-02-19T20:29:18+00:00

All applicants pay a $25 application fee, whether they are admitted to the program or not. This fee is non-refundable and non-transferable, and is charged when the student’s application is received. This fee does not count toward the cost of the program.

The tuition (before options) for the 2019 Business of Basketball program is $3,500. Students whose applications are received on or before March 31, 2019 pay the “Early Bird” rate of $3,250. Students whose applications are received on or after June 1, 2019 pay the “Late Registration” rate of $3,750.

Students may choose from the following hotel options:

  • Double Occupancy option: Subtract $350. (Students share accommodations with another student)
  • No-hotel option: Subtract $700 (no accommodations are provided)
  • ONE extended hotel day (either July 6-7 OR July 13-14): Add $197 (Over-21 only)

TWO extended hotel days (both July 6-7 AND July 13-14): Add $394. (Over-21 only)

Do I have to pay for hotel accommodations when I’m in Las Vegas? What are the options for accommodations?2019-02-19T20:31:35+00:00

Hotel accommodations for Sports Business Classroom will be provided by Palms Casino Resort, and lodging for July 7 (check-in) to July 13 (check-out) are included with your tuition (unless you choose the No-Hotel Option).

Students are provided with single occupancy (one student per room) by default. Students may choose the Double Occupancy option, which is a REQUEST for shared lodging with another student. Double Occupancy is subject to availability, and will be provided if both of the following are true: 1) Another student is available who also requested the double occupancy option; 2) A room with two beds is available. A discount of $350 is provided to students whose Double Occupancy request is confirmed.

Students choosing the Extended Hotel option may stay the night of July 6-7 (the night before the program) and/or the night of July 13-14 (the night following the program). The Extended Hotel Option is not available prior to July 6 or after July 14. Due to Palms Casino Resort policies regarding accepting credit cards from patrons who are under 21, the Extended Hotel option is available to students who are 21 or older only. The Extended Hotel option is single-occupancy only, and is available for an additional $197 (one night) or $394 (two nights).

Students who require accommodations for dates other than what are provided by SBC must make their own arrangements with the Palms or another hotel for these dates.

Students who do not require hotel accommodations (for example, Las Vegas residents) may choose the “No Hotel” option. A discount of $700 is provided to students who choose the No Hotel option.

You are responsible for your own incidental hotel expenses such as room service and are liable for any injuries or damages that result from any misconduct or noncompliance.

What is the Sports Business Classroom payment policy?2019-02-20T15:24:52+00:00

All applicants pay a $25 application fee, whether they are admitted to SBC or not. This fee is non-refundable and non-transferable, and is charged when the student’s application is received. This fee is NOT included in the cost of the program.

Students who are admitted into the program are charged a $250 processing fee when they are admitted. This fee counts toward the cost of the program, but is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Students have two payment options for their remaining tuition: Pay in Full, or the Payment Plan. Students choosing the Pay in Full option are charged the full cost of the program (including optional extended hotel days) when they are admitted. Students choosing the Payment Plan make one payment per month. The amount of each payment depends on when the student is admitted and which rooming option is chosen:


Payment month:
February March April May June
February $250 $600 $600 $600 $600 $600
March $250   $750 $750 $750 $750
April $250     $1,083 $1,083 $1,084
May $250       $1,625 $1,625
June $250         $3,500
(Extended Hotel Option add $197/night to first payment)


Payment month:
February March April May June
February $250 $600 $600 $600 $600 $250
March $250   $750 $750 $750 $400
April $250     $1,083 $1,083 $734
May $250       $1,625 $1,275
June $250         $3,150
(Extended Hotel Option add $197/night to first payment)


Payment month:
February March April May June
February $250 $460 $460 $460 $460 $460
March $250   $575 $575 $575 $575
April $250     $850 $850 $850
May $250       $1,275 $1,275
June $250         $2,750



  • All extended hotel amounts are charged with the student’s first payment.
  • Since double occupancy is subject to availability, students are charged at the single occupancy rate for all but their final payment. The entire double-occupancy discount is subtracted from the final payment if the student is confirmed for double occupancy.
  • To participate in the Payment Plan, a student must complete, sign and submit a Payment Agreement and a Credit Card Authorization Form. When the agreement is received and approved by VSL, the student will be enrolled in the Payment Plan.
  • Any changes to payment sources require submission of a new Credit Card Authorization Form.
Is this program refundable?2019-02-20T15:24:53+00:00

The $25 application fee and $250 processing fee are non-refundable and non-transferable. The remaining costs may be refundable, depending on the student’s date of withdrawal. IMPORTANT: For refund purposes, the full fee is considered to be charged and paid when calculating the student’s refund amount. This is to avoid disadvantaging students who paid in full. The refund is calculated against the full amount, and then netted against the amount the student actually paid. However, under no circumstance will a student be required to pay any additional money after withdrawing.

  • If the student withdraws on or before April 30, all tuition is refundable, including extended hotel days, but not including the application or processing fees. For example, a student who paid a $25 application fee, $250 processing fee, $3,000 for the remainder of the tuition (early bird rate, single occupancy), and $197 for one extended hotel day ($3,472 total) is refunded $3,197 if he or she withdraws on April 15.
  • If the student withdraws in May, $2,500 of the full fee is refundable, plus extended hotel days. For example, a student who was admitted in February (early bird rate, single occupancy), opted for one extended hotel day, and paid a $25 application fee, $250 processing fee, $797 in February, $600 in March and $600 in April, and who withdraws on May 10 (before the May payment is charged) is refunded as follows:
Total Considered charged: $3,472 (including future payment amounts)
Total refundable: $2,697 ($2,500 plus $197 for extended hotel)
Total non-refundable: $775 ($3,447 minus $2,697)
Total paid to date: $2,272
Total refunded to student: $1,497 ($2,272 minus $775)
  • If the student withdraws in June, $1,500 of the full fee is refundable, plus extended hotel days. For example, a student who was admitted in February (early bird rate, single occupancy), opted for one extended hotel day, and paid a $25 application fee, $250 processing fee, $797 in February, $600 in March, $600 in April and $600 in May, and who withdraws on June 10 (before the June payment is charged) is refunded as follows:
Total Considered charged: $3,472 (including future payment amounts)
Total refundable: $1,697 ($1,500 plus $197 for extended hotel)
Total non-refundable: $1,775 ($3,472 minus $1,697)
Total paid to date: $2,872
Total refunded to student: $1,097 ($2,872 minus $1,775)
      • If a student withdraws July 1 or later, no refunds are given.
      • In the exceptional case of certain unplanned events, such as the death of an immediate family member, hospitalization of the applicant or jury duty, Sports Business Classroom will issue a full refund (minus application and processing fees) upon presentation of satisfactory documentation.

Note that even if a student pays less than the non-refundable amount prior to withdrawing, the student is not required to pay any additional money upon withdrawal.

Do I get charged the application fee immediately? Is it refundable?2019-02-19T21:11:11+00:00

Yes, the $25 application fee is charged when we receive your application, and is non-refundable, whether you are admitted to the program or not.

What is the processing fee? When is it charged? Does it count toward the cost of the program?2019-02-19T21:16:52+00:00

The $250 processing fee is charged when you are admitted into the program; it is not charged to applicants who are not admitted. It counts toward the cost of the program. The processing fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Can I change my hotel options after I register?2019-01-31T22:54:20+00:00

If you wish to change your hotel options (Extended Hotel, No Hotel, Single/Double Occupancy), please contact us at Requests are considered through June 20, 2019, and are subject to availability. SBC cannot accommodate requests for accommodation changes after June 20.

Do I have to pay for airfare?2018-01-22T23:17:22+00:00

Yes, students are responsible for their own travel to and from Las Vegas for the program.

Do I have to rent a car while I’m in Las Vegas?2019-01-31T22:58:28+00:00

Students are responsible for their travel between the airport and hotel before and after the program.

Renting a car during the program is not necessary. Round-trip bus transportation will be provided between the Palms Casino Resort and the Thomas & Mack Arena and Cox Pavilion each day. Two busses leave at the same time each morning to transport students to Sports Business Classroom. The busses leave at different times in the evenings – the first bus will be for students who want to return after SBC sessions end; the second bus will be for students who want to return after the end of Summer League games.

Students are responsible for their own transportation if they miss a bus or wish to travel outside the scheduled times or scheduled routes. SBC recommends that students have access to alternative transportation services such as Uber and Lyft in the event a bus is full, they miss a scheduled pick-up time, or they wish to travel outside the scheduled times.

Do I have to buy my own meals while I’m in Las Vegas?2019-02-19T22:00:46+00:00

Complimentary hors d’oeuvres and beverages will be provided for the Welcome Reception on Sunday, July 7. Morning snacks, lunches, arena dinner vouchers and beverages will be provided during the program on Monday, July 8 through Saturday, July 13 (no dinner vouchers on July 13).

Please notify SBC prior to the start of the program if you have any dietary restrictions that require accommodation.

What is the attire for Sports Business Classroom?2019-01-31T23:01:20+00:00

Las Vegas temperatures are frequently over 100° F during the month of July, so plan accordingly. The attire for Sports Business Classroom is relatively casual – for example, polo shirts and chino slacks are typical for men, with comparable casual attire for women. There also may be special sessions or events where you might want to step up the attire a little.

Can I attend Summer League games while I’m enrolled in Sports Business Classroom?2019-02-20T15:24:52+00:00

All SBC students will receive a wristband which provides access to the Sports Business Classroom facilities as well as the Las Vegas Summer League during the dates of the program. Students may attend any Summer League game outside the scheduled class hours. Students are responsible for purchasing their own tickets to the Las Vegas Summer League prior to Sunday, July 7 and after Saturday, July 13.

Reserved seating for SBC students will be provided in the Thomas and Mack arena. There is no reserved seating in the Cox Pavilion – SBC students may use any seats open to the general public. SBC students have access to the arena floors (including the “schmooze pit,” hospitality suite, and business areas utilized by the program. SBC students do not have access to areas that are reserved for media or team personnel.

Is there a minimum age for SBC students?2019-02-19T22:19:27+00:00

There is no set minimum age, but please keep in mind that SBC assumes a level of maturity and independence commensurate to a workplace, so students who require parental supervision would not be appropriate for the program. Also keep in mind that the admission process for SBC is competitive, and younger applicants might not have enough education and ancillary experience to compete with other applicants.

Furthermore, for liability reasons SBC cannot assume responsibility for students who are under 18. Admission for students who are under 18 requires a parent or other responsible adult to co-register.

Who can enroll in the Executive Session?2019-02-20T15:24:51+00:00

The Executive Session is reserved for league and team front office personnel, agents and agency personnel, accredited media, and other industry professionals who are seeking to learn more about the NBA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement and salary cap.

I am not a basketball professional, but would like to attend the Salary Cap Deep Dive. Is this possible?2019-01-31T23:06:10+00:00

If you are not eligible for enrollment in the Executive Session, you may receive the same content by enrolling in the Business of Basketball Program and selecting the League Salary Cap major.

What content is included in the Executive Session? Who teaches it?2019-01-31T23:08:57+00:00

The Executive Session provides nine total hours of instruction, and is led by Larry Coon, a noted expert in the field and the author of the Salary Cap FAQ at

The Executive Session is a subset of the full Sports Business Classroom Business of Basketball program. Students enrolled in the full SBC program receive extensive instruction in multiple areas of relevance to employment in the industry. The curriculum consists of “GE” content, in which all students get a little bit of everything, and “Major” content, where students get a deep dive into their chosen specialty. Enrollees in the Executive Session will join SBC students who choose the Salary Cap major for a deep dive into the NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement and Salary Cap. The Deep Dive includes both lectures and hands-on exercises.

Can I attend sessions other than the Salary Cap Deep Dive?2019-01-31T23:09:49+00:00

Executive Session attendees have the option to request attendance in Business of Basketball program GE sections. Availability is limited, and subject to approval from the SBC General Manager.

Do I get charged the application fee immediately? Is it refundable?2019-02-19T22:22:39+00:00

The $25 application fee is non-refundable. However, if an ineligible student (someone who is not an industry professional) applies for the Executive Session and his or her application is rejected, the application fee is waived if the student then applies to the Business of Basketball program.

Prospective applicants are strongly encouraged to inquire at with any eligibility questions prior to submitting an application for the Executive Session.

What is the agenda for the Executive Session?2019-02-19T22:27:17+00:00

The syllabus for the Salary Cap Deep Dive and Executive Session is refined and improved from year to year, and will not be finalized until shortly before the program. The following is a sample syllabus. In addition, several “exercise” sessions are provided where students work through CBA-related problems with assistance from SBC faculty.

  1. Review of CBA/Salary Cap basics
  2. Team Salaries
    1. What is included and not included
    2. Cap Holds & Room
    3. Getting salary off the cap
    4. Exercises
  3. Contracts
    1. Years (maximum & minimum)
    2. Salaries (maximum & minimum; increases/decreases)
    3. Options and ETOs
    4. Incentives
    5. Alternate pay schedules
    6. Form of the UPC
    7. Exhibit 1 – Compensation
    8. Exhibit 1A – Minimum Player Salary
    9. Exhibit 1B – Two-way Players
    10. Exhibit 2 – Compensation Protection
    11. Waivers and the Stretch Provision
    12. Trade Payments
    13. Summer Contracts and Exhibit 9
    14. Contract Amendments
    15. Exercises
  4. Exceptions
    1. Concepts and pro-ration
    2. Bird rights
    3. Other exceptions
    4. Exceptions and the Hard Cap
    5. Exercises
  5. Trades
    1. Below-the-cap and above-the-cap trades
    2. Simultaneous and non-simultaneous trades
    3. Exceptions and trades
    4. Configuration of trades
    5. Executing a trade
    6. Salaries in trades
    7. Aggregation
    8. Special kinds of trades
    9. Draft pick trades
    10. Cash in trades
    11. Trading restrictions
    12. Other trade considerations
    13. Exercises
  6. Extensions and renegotiations
    1. Eligibility and term
    2. Veteran extensions
    3. Rookie extensions
    4. Renegotiations
  7. Restricted free agency
    1. Definition and eligibility for restricted vs. unrestricted
    2. Qualifying offers and starter criteria
    3. Offer sheets
    4. First Refusal Exercise Notices
    5. Exercises
  8. Entering the league
    1. Player eligibility
    2. Trading draft picks
    3. Required tenders
    4. Trading the rights to drafted players
    5. Drafted players who are unsigned
    6. Undrafted players
    7. First contracts
    8. Exercises
  9. Miscellaneous topics
    1. Waivers (in-depth)
    2. Sign-and-trade (in-depth)
    3. Gilbert Arenas provision
    4. Exercises
    5. CBA/Labor Overview
    6. Setting the salary cap
    7. Team and league finances (including escrow and luxury tax)
    8. Protecting the system