“Attending Sports Business Classroom was a life-changing experience for me. I had high expectations coming into the week, but I was astounded by the content of the programming, the amount of one-on-one contact that I had with team/league personnel, and the camaraderie that I experienced with the other SBC attendees.

I left the program completely energized and have received a number of great opportunities through the connections that I made.  If you love the NBA and want to work for the league, a team or a media outlet, I strongly recommend that you come to SBC. ”

- Calida Taylor

“The collaborative environment of the Sports Business Classroom and the opportunity to learn from top professionals in the industry have helped prepare me for a career in basketball media.

After my first year at SBC, my classmates and I decided to create an NBA podcast focused on potential transactions and the Collective Bargaining Agreement; working with them on the Bench Mob over the last two years has been rewarding and a practical application of the SBC curriculum.”

- Charlie Goldsmith

“The Sports Business Classroom has been the experience of a lifetime. The amount of insight I’ve gained, the networking, the contacts, and just the really fantastic people that we’ve had an opportunity to hear from, meet, and learn from has been indescribable.

Anyone interested in getting a position in a front office with an NBA team should come to this program.

It’s been incredible. It’s impossible to beat this.”

- Dave DuFour

“The schedule is packed with opportunities to learn from innovators throughout multiple fields in the basketball industry; it’s a chance to demonstrate to yourself and prospective employers your commitment to your passion for basketball.

Most importantly, it is a chance to embed yourself within a group of hoops-minded students and form long-lasting relationships that extend beyond the professional realm.”

- Connor Williamson

“From the curriculum to the access that you get, to meeting all these NBA personnel to just the overall atmosphere here, it’s a natural high.

The highlight of the week was meeting Commissioner Adam Silver. We met Adrian Wojnarowski, and then we met some of the coaches like Rick Carlisle and Mike D’Antoni.

It has been amazing to get their perspective on breaking into the league.

So if you love basketball this is the place to be.”

- Amit Barot

“This program gave me a chance to learn from and network with people who work in and around the NBA.

You get great behind the scenes stories and perspectives from front office personnel that you really won’t get anywhere else.

The people involved in Sports Business Classroom have gone above and beyond in helping me grow professionally even after the program was over.”

- Liam Doyle

“The speakers at Sports Business Classroom were unbelievable, the best people in every industry.

Just being around people that I’ve watched on TV watch from afar and admired is something that’s been invaluable and I’ll remember for a long time.

You’re just put in a room with 65 other people that are just as passionate about basketball as you are.”

- Connor Weingarten

“The Sports Business Class came highly recommended, but it exceeded all of my expectations.

It was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to be fully emerged in the game itself, while also interacting with decision-makers at every level of the NBA.

I learned so much from the instructors, speakers, and my peers. If you love the game of basketball, there is no better place to spend a week.”

- Virginia Woodfork

“I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of SBC since it’s inception.

It’s an amazing opportunity for people to get great first-hand experience in basketball, learn from some of the top people in their fields and just soak in being in being around all of the basketball activities in Vegas.

When I look for hard-working individuals who want to work in basketball and go the extra mile in doing so, SBC is the perfect place to find that.”

- Dennis Rogers

“I’ve been a hoops junky all my life and so as I was coming to the end of my service I was trying to find the next career for myself.

This was an opportunity that caught my eye and I really tried to go full board in to it. It’s a relationship business and so getting to meet some of the most influential actors in the NBA is pretty awesome.

Everyone has been super helpful and I think it just goes to show the kind of respect that Larry Coon, Eric Pincus, and Nate Duncan garner throughout the league.

I didn’t quite know what to expect coming into this experience but I couldn’t have asked for anything better.”

- Kyle Bates

“The Sports Business Classroom was easily one of the most special weeks of my life.

I will forever be grateful for the experience and for instilling in me the belief that one day I can also make it somewhere in the basketball world.

My friends from home literally could not believe it when I told them about all the incredible people I got to interact and connect with. I can also confidently say that SBC introduced me to some people that I will be friends with for the rest of my life.”

- Joey Leifer

“When I got the email from my school about Sports Business Classroom I knew that I had to go, it was as simple as that; attending the Sports Business Classroom was one of the best and most beneficial decisions I made.

The Sports Business Classroom gave me a new perspective on things I needed to do and provided me with the knowledge on things exceeding simply the NBA, such as important information on resume building and interviewing, all things that I feel are the general things that we need.

My biggest takeaway is that honesty, passion, and dedication will take you a long way.”

- Derrick Allmond

“The Sports Business Classroom has been a fantastic opportunity to gain access to a lot of high-level people that you would normally have to go through layers and layers of hard work and networking to get to.

The NBA is very much a relationship-based business, and the biggest takeaway for me has been the emphasis on honesty and being true to yourself.

My ultimate career goal would be to become a GM; I think this will help me get there through the connections I’ve made and the people I’ve met.”

- Tim Moungey

“The Sports Business Classroom was a truly invaluable experience, and I never in my life imagined that I would have the opportunity to meet so many of the people who have influenced my life.

From the courses to the speakers that the program provided access to, it was all first class—outstanding.

I can’t say enough about what you have put together for students like myself, and I will absolutely be recommending it to people in the future.”

- Tyler Penix

“You learn a ton about all aspects of the basketball industry while at SBC.

More importantly, you will either start or expand your basketball network. The people you know is important in life but in basketball it’s critical in landing a job and advancing in the industry.

You will leave SBC with a bunch of new friends and a basketball network that’ll only grow as time goes on.”

- Nick Lagios