Nick Burke, Executive Director, Pro Hoop Strength

Nick BurkeNick Burke, the Executive Director for Pro Hoop Strength (PHS) and Director of Sports Performance for Basic Athletic Measurement (BAM), has been involved with individual player development for nearly 10 years.   With expertise in coaching and player development as well as Technology and Video, he has been able to utilize his knowledge of computer programming and expertise in strength training and skills development  to the advantage of athletes at the youth, college and professional levels.

PHS and BAM are two innovative start-up companies focused on combining player development with modern technology to provide players and coaches with access to advanced tools for performance testing and measurement.  BAM focuses on the development of performance metrics along with the testing and measurement to define individual characteristics while PHS is dedicated to the creation and evolution of media and applications for mobile technologies as an aid to coaches and players.  Utilizing the advancements of both endeavors, Nick has been involved in their application at both the Portsmouth and NBA Draft Combines.

Prior to these ventures, Nick was the Director of Basketball Operations and Assistant Coach at his alma mater, Columbia University.  In addition to his work with the Men’s and Women’s basketball teams, his extended duties engaged coaches from other Division 1 sports in the application and use of new technologies to increase performance and operations.A resident of New York City, Burke earned his Bachelor of Arts in Physics and Comparative Ethnic Studies as well as a Masters Degree in Sports Management from Columbia University.